Tuesday, 1 May 2012

2. Nude + Glitter

Wow not posted in a while!  It's coming up for exam time this month and I'm graduating leaving high school on Friday! Very busy, so May might not have as many posts as I would like :(

But anyway, on to design number two of the Plasma Plays challenge.

2. Add a Layer of Shimmer/Glitter/Anything You Choose, To That Nude

In the first design I used a nameless Revlon nude with a very slight shimmer to it.  To this I added Make It Golden by Essence and added a 2true top coat.

Like I mentioned in my last post, about half an hour after applying the nude a load of bubbles appeared on my nails.

I thought that the glitter might be able to cover up the bubbles but it didn't really work, as you can see...

If it hadn't been for the bubbles this would have been a super pretty combo and I would have loved wearing it.  But like this it only lasted a day and I HAD to take it off, it was driving me crazy!!

Here's to a more successful post three.

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