Wednesday, 16 May 2012

8. Stripes...

8 Get your stripe on. Vertical, horizontal, diagonal, one, two, seven?! oh what to do!

This is gonna be a pretty pathetic post, I'm warning you now.

To start with I didn't have my striper brushes yet so I didn't have an easy way to make stripes unless I did stamping. Then I had no stamping plates with proper stripes on them so I had to use a warped stripe design and finally I forgot to take pictures until I was halfway through removing the manicure... So all you have are pictures of solo fingers that kinda survived.  So here we go!

I applied Rimmel base coat, three coats of Fun Fair by Barbara Daly, MUA black for the stamp and Rimmel top coat.  I used a Bundle Monster plate but I can't remember what number it was and it's too late to go rifling through my nail stuff now!

When this was a full manicure it was lovely, I was even getting compliments from teachers!  But in these pictures it looks awful!  But oh well, life goes on, it's only a manicure...

Thanks for reading!

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