Saturday, 20 October 2012

GOSH Holographic

Yes I have finally got around to posting this. I've been so busy lately I hardly even have time to paint my nails anymore, never mind blog about them!  But I got my hands on GOSH's Holographic Hero so I had to share!

On a trip into town a few weeks ago I was having a wee look around the make up displays in Superdrug when I came across this in the GOSH section. I had no idea they had even released their holographic again! So as soon as I saw it I HAD to have a bottle!

I applied  Barbara Daly base coat and two coats of Holographic Hero. I didn't apply a top coat as I know that top coats seem to spoil the holographic effect. 

I know that it is now labeled as a 24 hour polish due to how bad it is for chipping but mine lasted for two days with no chips and I'm sure it could have lasted longer if I had left it.  So I was very pleased with that result! A friend who also has this polish didn't wear a base coat and hers chipped within 24 hours so I think a base coat gives it a little extra something to grip onto.

The holographic effect is AMAZING! I was so excited by it, and it looks gorgeous in direct sunlight. Due to how busy I've been I never managed to get a picture in proper sunlight but it looks amazing!

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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Endless Possibilities // Ruby Ribbon

This post is packed with two lovely Revlon polishes and two nail art designs! I realised I haven't really been doing any actual nail art (apart from stamping) recently, so I decided to have a little play about with two of my new Revlon polishes.

For this design I applied Barbara Daly base coat and two coats of Endless Possibilities (a nude creme with a slight gold shimmer). I then applied a coat of Ruby Ribbon (a lovely wine red metallic with a 'matte suede' finish) on the top diagonal half of my nail. I then used Techic's gold striper to draw a line along where the two polishes meet. I finished off with a coat of NYC top coat.

I really loved this design and I received a lot of compliments for it, I think people at uni are starting to think of me as the 'Nail Girl'!

This design was something I played about with before I tried the design above. I again applied Barbara Daly base, two coats of Endless Possibilities and a coat of Ruby Ribbon along the top diagonal half. I then used a striping brush to paint little loops coming off of the Ruby Red section to create a kind of lace pattern. I then used dotting tools to make dots in Ruby Ribbon and Endless Possibilities on top of the opposite polish colour.

I decided not to do this design on all of my nails because I was in a bit of a rush and the loops were a little tricky (I hate to think how they would have looked on my right hand!).

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Monday, 8 October 2012

101 Violet Dalmatians

I have a little bit of stamping to show you today (messy stamping mind you!). I was in a bit of a rush when I did this manicure so please excuse the sloppy stamping, I had no time to go back and sort it, but que sera sera!

I first applied Barbara Daly base coat, two coats of Nails Inc's Bluebell and one coat of Avon's Very Violet (which is a beautiful lavender/pinky purple duochrome, sadly it was covered up by the stamping although it was more visible in real life than in the pictures). I then applied NYC top coat, stamped with Bundle Monster plate BM-211 in Pink Tease's Black and topped that off with Rimmel top coat.

You can see a little bit of the lovely duochrome hiding in the picture above but I'll definitely have to swatch it on it's own to show you properly at some point!

Quite a few people likened these nails to dalmatians (hence the name of this post) and some others seemed to think they looked like dinosaur eggs...

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

First Franken!

I've finally attempted my first franken! I was so excited about this! For a long time I've wanted to try this as I have seen a lot of other bloggers making wonderful polishes and I thought it sounded like fun! So I finally decided to give it a go!

I created the polish with small blue and green hex glitters and a clear jelly base.

I applied Sally Hansen Maximum Growth base coat, two coats of Tiger's Shade 35, two coats of my glitter franken and NYC top coat. I really loved the look of my simple franken and I got a few compliments on it too. I think its alright for a first try really?! I can't wait to have a go and making other polishes now, I think I've caught the frankening bug!

Thanks for reading!