Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Endless Possibilities // Ruby Ribbon

This post is packed with two lovely Revlon polishes and two nail art designs! I realised I haven't really been doing any actual nail art (apart from stamping) recently, so I decided to have a little play about with two of my new Revlon polishes.

For this design I applied Barbara Daly base coat and two coats of Endless Possibilities (a nude creme with a slight gold shimmer). I then applied a coat of Ruby Ribbon (a lovely wine red metallic with a 'matte suede' finish) on the top diagonal half of my nail. I then used Techic's gold striper to draw a line along where the two polishes meet. I finished off with a coat of NYC top coat.

I really loved this design and I received a lot of compliments for it, I think people at uni are starting to think of me as the 'Nail Girl'!

This design was something I played about with before I tried the design above. I again applied Barbara Daly base, two coats of Endless Possibilities and a coat of Ruby Ribbon along the top diagonal half. I then used a striping brush to paint little loops coming off of the Ruby Red section to create a kind of lace pattern. I then used dotting tools to make dots in Ruby Ribbon and Endless Possibilities on top of the opposite polish colour.

I decided not to do this design on all of my nails because I was in a bit of a rush and the loops were a little tricky (I hate to think how they would have looked on my right hand!).

Thanks for reading!


  1. The colours looks so gorgeous together. Awesome job

  2. Oohh Endless Possibilities looks great, totally my color! Will hunt it down at my local Revlon counters!

    1. I'm glad I introduced you to it! And you should, totally opaque in only two coats, I was amazed! :)