Friday, 28 September 2012

Dancing Queen//Mirrorball

I have my second Models Own Mirrorball polish to show you today! This time I'll be showing you Dancing Queen, a gorgeous green-y glitter.

I first applied Models Own 3 in 1 base coat, two coats of Cecile's Shade 88 a lovely dark green metallic. I then added two coats (probably would have been fine with one, I feel like I went a little overkill...) of Dancing Queen and Models Own 3 in 1 top coat.

Dancing Queen consists of small gold hex glitter, slightly larger gold hex glitter, blue hex glitter, larger green hex glitter, silver (holo) diamond glitter and random shapes/sizes of light blue holo glitter in a clear jelly base.

I really loved how this looked in direct sunlight but I really feel like I went too far with the glitter... and I never think there is too much glitter!

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Fuschia Nets

I have a polish from Avon's new Color Trend collection and a spot of stamping today.

Avon's Fuschia is a matte finish metallic purple/pink full of silver flecks. On it's own with no top coat/stamping it looks amazing, I really wish I had taken a photo for you guys! I guess I'll just have to swatch it properly some time.

I applied Barbara Daly base coat, two coats of Fuschia and NYC Grand Central Station top coat. I then stamped with Pink Tease's Black with Bundle Monster plate BM-223 and finished off with Rimmel top coat.

I really like this fish net/damask design as it's one step prettier than your standard fish net look. It's a little fancier!

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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Liebster Award No. 2!

A few weeks ago Ashley over at Life Of A Polish Addict nominated me for another Liebster Award! So thank you Ashley! Everyone go check out her blog,  it's fab.

Because I already received a Liebster award I didn't think there would be much point going through the whole process again (and to be honest I don't have enough time with uni!) so I'll just answer Ashley's questions and you can check out my other post for the rest here.
1. How may nail polishes do you own?
Well over 300... Not a lot compared to some bloggers but they definitely take up a lot of room!
2.What is your favorite nail polish of all time?
Ooooh... This is hard! Probably Models Own's Scarlet Sparkle
3.What is your favorite season?
Winter! Looooove it!
4. How much $$$$ would you spend on your favorite nail polish?
 On my favourite... Probably about £10ish if I really loved it.
5. How do you store your polish?
 I have a nail polish rack but that doesn't hold all of them, I also have a box and two smaller racks full.

6. How often do you paint your nails?
 Twice a week, always! I'm kinda OCD about it haha.
7. Do you ever pick off your polish?
 Nope, only if my nail is flaking at the tip... but I guess that's peeling the nail not the polish.
8. How did you get started with nail blogging? 
 I really enjoyed reading other nail blogs and decided that it would be fun and a good way to justify the amount I spend on nail polish!
9. What is your favorite fall nail polish?
 Fall... I really like Avon's Lucky Penny. It's a burnt orange and looks like those really beautiful orange leaves you always see in Autumn.
10. What do you think is going to be the biggest fall nail trend this year?
 I have no idea... I don't really keep up with nail trends, I just do my own thing.
11. What is your cutest nail design?
Hmmm cutest... Maybe my Ikat/Aztec nails.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Disco Inferno//Mirrorball

Wow it's been a while! But I got the new Models Own Mirrorball Collection! I'm so excited about these polishes! Absolutely wonderful, they are.

I decided to try the gold one, Disco Inferno, first. This glitter polish consists of bronze microglitter, slightly bigger round green glitter, bigger bronze hexagon glitter, small silver (holographic) square glitter and large gold (also holographic) shards of glitter in random shapes and sizes in a clear jelly base.

I applied Barbara Daly base coat, two coats of Golden Rose's Shade 41 ( gold metallic polish with tiny gold microglitter in it), one coat of Disco Inferno and NYC Grand Central Station top coat.

I love this polish, it looks amazing under spotlights! I can just imagine how beautiful this would look over a red at Christmas time... I can't wait to try out the others!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Black Holo

I have another Kleancolor Chunky Holo today! This time it's Chunky Holo Black.

I applied Barbara Daly base, two coats of Golden Rose's shade 53 (which is a lovely metallic royal blue), one coat of Chunky Holo Black and NYC's Grand Central Station top coat.

Chunky Holo Black is packed full of different sized opal holographic glitters in a black/orangey jelly base (sounds horrific but it is actually lovely). Due to the base colour it changed my royal blue into a blue/purple duochrome which was AWESOME! I didn't expect it to do that! And the opal glitters changed from pink to green to mauve depending on the light.

I can't wait to try this polish over black, I did a quick swatch and there was lots of orange holo-y goodness going on there, perfect for autumn/Halloween!

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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Teal Holo

Wow I've been busy lately! I've been at uni this week, it's been pretty hectic and it doesn't look like it'll be slowing down anytime soon... Hopefully I'll be able to keep up with blogging on top of uni and driving lessons!

Today I have another Kleancolor beauty to show you, Chunky Holo Teal. This is just as gorgeous as the others, and it's my second time wearing it in a month. (It is seriously rare that I wear a polish twice in one month so that just shows how much I love it.)

I applied Barbara Daly base, two coats of Tiger's Shade 15 which is a pretty turquoise creme, two coats of Chunky Holo Teal and 2true top coat.

Chunky Holo Teal consists of small round holographic glitters in a pale blue jelly base that shift colour. I've seen orange, green, gold, blue, peach, pink and purple colours and there are probably many more!

Kleancolor has definitely become a favourite brand of mine, I've been very impressed with their polishes so far, and I still have three more to try!

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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Deep Blue Dotticure

I decided to play around with my dotting tools this week and came up with this lovely ocean themed manicure.

I first applied Barbara Daly base coat. I then used two coats of Cecile's shade 92 which is the dark metallic blue and two coats of Sally Hansen's Silver Chrome Color Quick pen on my accent nails. I added dots using the second smallest dotting tool halfway up all of my nails. The colours I used for this were; Essie's Dive Bar (the darkest black/blue dots), Models Own's Peacock Green (the dark green dots), Models Own's Dusty Mauve (the grey dots) and Cecile's shade 90 (the light green dots). I then finished off with 2true top coat.

I really loved this manicure! I like how on the accent nail the dots ended up looking quite peacock-ish while the rest of my nails looked more mermaid-y. I'm pretty sure my dotting tools are going to be used a lot more from now on, they are so simple and easy, but look quite complicated and different!

Thanks for reading!

Monday, 3 September 2012

Misslead Salsa

I have a super pretty polish to show you today! Shade 5 from 2true's Crystal collection. It is absolutely stunning!

Shade 5 (on all fingers apart from accent) is a beautiful orange, pink, gold and silver microglitter bombshell which is primarily orange glitter. It is a dream to apply and isn't even that difficult to remove, perfect. The colour really gets me too, I love oranges and this one has a little kick to it. It reminds me of salsa dancing (I have no idea why) and that makes me happy!

The yellow polish is Misslead by Missguided which came free in a magazine, I'm pretty sure it was Glamour but I could be wrong. This is a warm yellow with a prominent silver microglitter/shimmer. This is a really pretty polish but I'm not too sure I liked it as part of this manicure...

I used Barbara Daly base, two coats of the Natural Collection's Antique Coral on all but my accent nails, two coats of Shade 5 and 2true top coat. On the accent nails I applied two coats of Barry M's Lemon Ice Cream, two coats of Misslead and 2true top coat.

Overall I would have preferred Shade 5 without an accent nail. I'll remember that next time.

Thanks for reading!