Monday, 3 September 2012

Misslead Salsa

I have a super pretty polish to show you today! Shade 5 from 2true's Crystal collection. It is absolutely stunning!

Shade 5 (on all fingers apart from accent) is a beautiful orange, pink, gold and silver microglitter bombshell which is primarily orange glitter. It is a dream to apply and isn't even that difficult to remove, perfect. The colour really gets me too, I love oranges and this one has a little kick to it. It reminds me of salsa dancing (I have no idea why) and that makes me happy!

The yellow polish is Misslead by Missguided which came free in a magazine, I'm pretty sure it was Glamour but I could be wrong. This is a warm yellow with a prominent silver microglitter/shimmer. This is a really pretty polish but I'm not too sure I liked it as part of this manicure...

I used Barbara Daly base, two coats of the Natural Collection's Antique Coral on all but my accent nails, two coats of Shade 5 and 2true top coat. On the accent nails I applied two coats of Barry M's Lemon Ice Cream, two coats of Misslead and 2true top coat.

Overall I would have preferred Shade 5 without an accent nail. I'll remember that next time.

Thanks for reading!

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