Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Disco Inferno//Mirrorball

Wow it's been a while! But I got the new Models Own Mirrorball Collection! I'm so excited about these polishes! Absolutely wonderful, they are.

I decided to try the gold one, Disco Inferno, first. This glitter polish consists of bronze microglitter, slightly bigger round green glitter, bigger bronze hexagon glitter, small silver (holographic) square glitter and large gold (also holographic) shards of glitter in random shapes and sizes in a clear jelly base.

I applied Barbara Daly base coat, two coats of Golden Rose's Shade 41 ( gold metallic polish with tiny gold microglitter in it), one coat of Disco Inferno and NYC Grand Central Station top coat.

I love this polish, it looks amazing under spotlights! I can just imagine how beautiful this would look over a red at Christmas time... I can't wait to try out the others!


  1. This color reminds me of some candy I used to eat when I was little heehee