Monday, 28 January 2013

Sidewalkers and Skeletons

So I know I said I would be posting more but I have really become the worlds worst procrastinator over the past few months. I end up putting off taking pictures so much that the manicure is off before I can gather any evidence to show that I ever wore it.

However, this manicure I did manage to picture!

I started off with Barbara Daly's Goodbye Yellow base coat, followed by two coats of Sidewalkers by NYC and then Grand Central Station top coat, also by NYC. I then stamped using Shade 23 by MUA and Bundle Monster plates BM-225 and then BM-211 on my accent nails for a slight variation. I topped this off with Rimmel top coat.

I really liked the colours used in this mani, I think they matched the design pretty well and they were nice and unusual, not the kind of colours you usually see on peoples nails! The design was also nice and subtle, not standing out too much.

Thanks for reading!

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