Tuesday, 15 May 2012

7. Gradient Nails

7 Do a gradient of 2 colours or more (check YT for different kinds of techniques)

For this design I did use YouTube and I found a really easy and simple video showing the way to get Effie Trinket's (Hunger Games) gradient nails.  As a big fan of The Hunger Games I just HAD to do this as part of the challenge.

This is the video I used: Effie Trinket Nail Art (The Hunger Games)

So this is my attempt at Effie Trinket nails :)  This was my first time doing gradient nails and thanks to CutePolish's video I think I managed to pull it off!  I even had friends telling me it was their favourite of all the things I have done with my nails (and thats a lot!).

I used Rimmel base coat, two coats of Raspberry by Barry M and Essence's You're A Gold Mine for the gradient then one coat of 2true top coat.  I used a much darker and redder pink than CutePolish and I think it worked really well.  This could be quite a Christmassy look (will definitely be wearing it for the festive season this year) but it wasn't so festive that you couldn't get away with wearing it at any time of the year.

Thank you for reading!


  1. Oh this is divine! Perfect again for Dark Shadows!

    1. Thank you :) I'm really pleased with it!