Monday, 14 May 2012

6. Metallic Stamping

Post number six of the Plasma Plays Challenge :)

6 Stamp some metallic polish over that dark with the image plate of your choice!

For the metallic stamp I decided to go for a silver stamping polish and an no name brand plate with this pretty flower design on it :)  I got the plate in a set of nine for about £4.99 on eBay and they have some really pretty designs on them and they are a really great price!

Now onto the actual design...

Please excuse the horrendous cuticle on my middle finger!  I don't know what happened, I put hand cream on everyday and I use cuticle oil every time I take polish off but for some reason they get all dry and cracked :(

I really like the combo of the dark plum-y polish and the light silver stamp.  It really made the design stand out.  I had a little problem with positioning but I always have that problem if it's small designs and it wasn't too noticeable so no biggie!

The base is two coats of Nails Inc Victoria and I used Nails Supreme in silver for stamping :)

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