Sunday, 27 May 2012

16. Pink

16 Wear a pink

For this one I really wasn't sure what pink to go for. I think pink is the colour I have the second highest amount of in my collection, only beaten by purple (I LOVE purple polish!). So after much humming and hawing I decided upon Avon's Pastel Pink. Not a very creative name, but the colour more than makes up for that.

This polish is VERY sheer. I knew that from wearing it before so I painted a coat of a nameless white over my Rimmel base to give the colour more substance. Even with that I still had to use three coats of Pastel Pink to achieve an even coverage... Not great, but I love the polish so much! What a dilemma! I topped it of with 2true top coat.

 I really do like this colour. It makes me think of strawberry milkshakes which is always a good thing!

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