Monday, 28 May 2012

19. Chevrons

19 Add a chevron (those triangles) to your purple! Use scotch tape if you need help!

I had never attempted chevrons before this and I though they looked really difficult but I came upon this tutorial which made it so much easier.

I found the tape method a little fiddle-y but once I got the hang of it I was okay. I definitely need some practise on cutting my strips to the right size, I wasn't very happy with the widths of my chevrons at all.  But practise makes perfect I guess and it was my first try at this.

I added the chevrons over mani number 18 with a nameless black polish from Primark.  Over all  I wasn't too pleased with this mani but I will definitely try the taping method again and try to get it perfect because I really do love chevrons I've seen on other peoples nails...

Thanks for reading!

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