Friday, 18 May 2012

10. Ombre Nails

I absolutely LOVED this manicure while it was on my nails!

10 Ombre nails
I was really excited to try this design and when I got to it I knew exactly what colour to do... BLUE!

I applied Rimmel base to all of my nails.  I then applied three coats of Golden Rose's number 231 on my thumbs, two Barry M's Cobalt Blue on my index fingers, three coats of a nameless blue by BeautyUK on my Middle fingers, three coats of Avon's Vintage Blue on my ring fingers and two coats of a nameless white by BeautyUK on my pinkies.  I then applied a coat of 2true top coat and I was done!

All of these polishes progressed so well you would have thought I blended them myself instead of using five independent colours.

Thank you for reading!

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