Friday, 13 April 2012

Star Foils

So I've kinda been avoiding the nail foil/wraps that are so popular just now as I saw it as a bit of a 'cheat' way of doing my nails, but my mum picked up a packet from Primark for £1 so I decided to give them a go.

They were actually okay to put on!  The wraps folded a bit when putting them on which was annoying as I much prefer smooth nails, especially with something like this, and the cutting off the extra bits was really fiddly because I had to try and get the scissors right up tight to the side of my nail which was difficult!

I then put two coats of 2true top coat on to try and seal them, because my sister's ones came off as soon as they hit warm water :/ But with the top coat on they survived washing my hair and everything!

I have to say I'm pleased I tried them and if I saw another design I really liked I would definately try them again :)

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