Thursday, 26 April 2012

Goodbye Yellow

So before I start posting my Plasma Plays nails I decided to show you this...

So Barbara Daly's Goodbye Yellow is a base (or clear polish) that is meant to make you nails look healthy and pink instead of stained/yellow.  Now my nails are badly stained about halfway up, probably because of Models Own Peacock Green (soooo lovely yet so staining).  So when I say this with a 3 fr 2 offer (I got two other really pretty polishes) I decided to give it a go.

This was my nails before application..

You can see the staining pretty clearly on my thumb nail.  While it isn't terrible it's enough to make me feel embarrassed about having bare nails in public :(

This was my nails after application...

If anything the picture with the polish makes the staining look even more pronounced!  In real life I think it did make my nails look LESS stained, but it still wasn't perfect.  I only waited about 10 minutes and painted over it so maybe if I had left it longer it would have made a difference?

But it was definitely more effective than the pictures make out!

I will have to give it another chance and leave it longer next time...

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