Sunday, 8 April 2012

Full Moon Party

In October last year my wonderful friend Lisa brought back this polish from the Sephora in Paris. She knows I have a penchant for purples and brought me back this beauty as a present. I love it!

Full Moon Party Sephora

I applied a coat of Rimmel's 'Stronger' base coat, followed by two coats of Full Moon Party  and a coat of 2true top coat.  Full Moon Party is a really thick, pigmented polish and would have been fine with only one coat but I always prefer two :) Also the brush for this polish is to die for! It goes on so easy!

The camera did't really capture the true colour, it's a much warmer purple in real life but this is the closest I could get :/

Full Moon Party Sephora

Please excuse the marker pen on my fingers, I'm not exactly the tidiest in art class!


  1. Just love those tiny polish :)
    The brush is amazing and this color is so beautiful!