Tuesday, 10 April 2012

My Private Jet

 While it isn't the original holographic version it is still beautiful!

My cousin is training to be a hairdresser and therefore has a discount card for Sally's.  She gave it to my sister to borrow and she was raving about the place so I decided to tag along too!

I got a bunch of China Glaze polishes and when I noticed this I had to have it.  Even without the holo it is so eyecatching and it is such an unusual colour.
This is a Rimmel base coat, two coats of My Private Jet by OPI and a coat of 2true top coat.

The appliction was great, the polish is a nice thick polish and didn't need thick coats.

I love all the little flecks of colour that come out every now and then, especially in the sunlight!

Very happy with my non-holographic version :)


  1. I Agree. It's a very eye catching color.

  2. It's wonderful! Pretty much alike to the Color Club Revvvolution that you commented on my blog! I love blacks with glitter!!!

  3. This post made me reconsider my non-holo version of MPJ. I didn't really like it when I first got it, but I think I'll try it out again, because this looks AWESOME. Although, I do know that there are at least a couple versions of the non-holo MPJ, and I might have a different one...

    I am loving your blog, and I gave you an award here :)


    1. Wow thank you for the award Anna!!
      And you should give it a try, its a gorgeous colour! :)