Monday, 4 June 2012

Off To The Carnival!

I had seen Bodycare being discussed on a number of British blogs as being very good for cheap nail polishes/nail art materials, so when I was in Livingston I decided to have a look.  I came home with a bag crammed full of polishes, stripers and a little holo to try!

When I spotted this polish I was pretty excited. I love glitter, especially multi-coloured glitter and when I had seen this on other blogs it looked great! So I scooped a bottle up (despite having an almost identical multi-coloured glitter at home).  I compared it to my similar glitter, Essence's Circus Confetti, and the colours in Essence's are much more pastel than this one, so it is acceptable to own both!

I used a Rimmel base, two coats of a nameless black polish from Primark, two coats of Carnival by Technic and Essence's matte top coat Soft Touch. The coverage of the glitter was fantastic, with plenty of glitter in one coat, I just wanted a little extra!  The black, however, was super gloopy. I don't know if that was because I was painting my nails outside in the heat of the sun or if it's just happened anyway, but it isn't even an old polish. But it's Primark so I don't really care too much!

Messy cuticles alert!! The polish has red, green, blue, gold and silver coloured glitters with varying sizes.

While Carnival is a super pretty polish, I wasn't too happy with the unevenness of the black underneath. It just made the manicure look quite lumpy and messy, so I wasn't fully satisfied with the way it turned out... I guess I'll just have to try different colour combinations of bases until I find one that suits the glitter just right!

Thanks for reading!

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