Friday, 22 June 2012

Freezing Supermodel

Today I have another magazine freebie to show you. This time I have Leighton Denny's Supermodel which came free with this months Harper's Bazaar.

This is a lovely chocolaty brown shade and even though I have a similar colour from Models Own, I still got it anyway. The other choices were an orange or a pink, I have way too many of both.

I applied Rimmel base to all my nails, two coats of Supermodel to all but my accent nail and 2true top coat. The application was good. The only problem was that a single hair was too long on the brush and was causing all sorts of problems, but I cut it and application was much easier. Coverage was good in one coat, but I used two purely out of habit.  After one night though it was covered in those little grooves you get from your hair after you sleep on it (only me?) and it peeled and chipped easily at the edges...

On my accent nail I again used Rimmel base, one coat of Supermodel and one coat of Avon's Freezing from the Color Trend range. I topped off with 2true top coat.

Freezing is a brown pearly shade and is really pretty. Jazzes up the brown nicely. Only thing is it bubbled a little, but maybe I just didn't wait long enough for Supermodel to dry...

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