Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Bon Bon ~ Ciate

Another magazine freebie today, this time it's Ciate's Bon Bon that came with this months issue of Marie Claire.

I had heard about the whole caviar manicure fiasco and decided to steer clear of Ciate, however when I saw it as a freebie I decided to give it a go.

The polish is actually really great quality. It reaches full opacity in two coats and smooths out really well, no brush strokes in sight. It also dries really fast which is always a plus.

I applied Rimmel base, two coats of Bon Bon and 2true top coat. All this could be done in five minutes, that's how fast it dries. Fantastic.

Bon Bon is a lovely beige-y lavender shade which could almost pass as a nude, but not quite. It's very unique and is a very pretty colour. I love it, and I think that Ciate is actually a good brand.  Maybe if I see more freebies in the future I'll pick one up.

Thank you for reading!

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