Friday, 1 June 2012

Angel Flowers

Guest appearance from my mum's nails today!

So for ages (I'm talking months) I was hankering after Max Factor's Angel Nails and when my Tesco's finally put their make-up products on three-for-two I could finally justify the purchase of more polish, despite having a box full of untrieds! But it was three-for-two! I had to do it!

This week my mum asked me to do her nails for her and what polish did she choose? Angel Nails.

So here is Max Factor's Angel Nails from their Nailfinity line with added purple stamping.

I applied OPI's Chip Skip, Barbara Daly's Goodbye Yellow Base and two coats of Angel Nails.  I then stamped with Nail Supreme's purple and Bundle Monster plate BM-224 and topped that off with OPI top coat.

Angel Nails has fantastic application. It's a thin polish but the coverage was great and the colour was opaque in two coats. It is a very pale champagne pink micro glitter and it is soooo shiny, people kept asking my mum if she had foil on her nails!  She received so many compliments at her work and she was super happy with this mani. I'm pretty sure most of that bottle of polish is going to end up being used on her instead of me, she loves it that much!

Thank you for reading!

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