Tuesday, 19 June 2012


On a recent trip (all my posts seem to start with that now!) to the B&M store that opened up in my town recently, I came across a nail polish set for £2.99 with seven nail polishes in it. If that's not a bargain I don't know what is!

I didn't have very high expectations due to the price, but the colours were pretty and there was a lovely glitter that I really wanted. So I bought it.

The polishes smell cheap (you know the kind of smell I mean?) and the quality isn't fantastic, but for the price they are pretty damn good.

I decided to start with Glam, a bright tangerine orange colour (hence the name of this post).

This is a jelly which dries kind of dull, but a dash of top coat sorts that out.

I applied Rimmel base, three coats of Glam (it has a very thin coverage) and 2true top coat.

Now I love this colour, it's absolutely perfect for summer and it's so pretty but there is one major drawback.

See the flaws on the index nail? That happened 24 hours after application because the polish was still slightly squishy and I hit it off a door. The other hand is even worse and I have no idea what I did to cause that. No normal polish does that after 24 hours of drying time! There is also slight tip wear after only 24 hours.

So while it is a lovely colour and a great bargain, I understand why it is so cheap.

However that wont stop me from using the other pretty colours, I'll just go in with my teeth gritted.

Thanks for reading!

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