Monday, 18 June 2012

Fairy Glitter

On a recent trip to Tesco I noticed this pretty colour in their Barbara Daly range. Seeing as it was a three for two offer on, I of course had to buy it.  Fairy is a very pale pink with a subtle gold shimmer through it. The name fits absolutely perfectly!

I applied Rimmel base and FOUR coats of Fairy! It is so sheer, but the colour is so pretty, definitely worth the extra drying time.

I was super pleased with the polish like this and I wore it out for a few parties, but me being me I just had to add some glitter to my nails! So I decided to add Golden Rose's number 70 which I bought in Turkey last year and I have never had an opportunity to wear.

This is two coats of number 70, it consists of strand glitter and small round glitter and it dries super fast, even on top of four coats of Fairy and I was really pleased with the coverage, not too much, not too little. I then added 2true top coat.

Again I wore this out, and I got quite a few compliments. A super pretty, girly mani, without it being too sickly sweet.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I also like the rimmel base coat. Pretty glitter. I bought my sinful colors from the factory shop but some people also found them in the poundland :)

  2. I knew poundland did Sally Hansen but I've never seen sinful colours... I'll have to keep an eye open in both shops! :)