Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Pink Mirror

I have the beautiful sister of Blue Mirror to show you today, with a little added stamping.

This foil polish is just as lovely on it's own as the blue version is, just slightly less metallic. Still very eye catching  though! Sadly I was so excited about stamping that I forgot to take any pictures of it on its own. Never mind.

I applied Barbara Daly base and one coat of W7's Pink Mirror (yes it's a one coater, how perfect is that?!).  I then used MUA black and Bundle Monster plate BM208 with the two different smashed/scattered looking patterns. I used the partial coverage design on all but my accent nails and the fuller design on my accents. I then used Rimmel top coat.

I really like this design, the partial coverage design reminds me a little of the sections on a butterfly/dragonfly wing, I might have to incorporate that into a design someday!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Pretty polish! I love the stamp designs.