Thursday, 23 August 2012

Mermaids in a Starry Sky

Let me just start by telling you that I have never seen such a shiny silver polish in my life, it is truly amazing! It's the closest to a mirror I've ever seen in a polish, the pictures definitely don't do this polish justice!

 This is Barbara Daly base and two coats of Starry Sky by Avon. This polish dries really quick and has a lovely shiny finish. Application was good, the polish is thin but has great coverage.

I then applied Technic's Mermaid at the bases of my nails. Mermaid is a pretty blue glitter in a clear jelly base with large hexagon and small circle glitters. I love this polish, it really suits it's name, it looks like little fish scales on your nails! The only issue with this was drying time, it took ages to dry, probably because I was impatient and kept blobbing it on without waiting for the other coat to dry, but still, it was frustrating. I then applied NYC Grand Central Station top coat.

I love this mani, it looks kinda futuristic but at the same time pretty and ethereal. And I love the contrast of the names, Mermaid and Starry Sky, from totally opposite parts of the world!

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