Sunday, 22 July 2012

Fantasy Fire

I bought this polish a while back after seeing tonnes of great pictures and reviews online. I finally got around to trying it out for myself and I definitely wasn't disappointed. 

I applied Rimmel base, two coats of Avon's Vivid Violet, one coat of Max Factor's Max Effect Fantasy Fire and 2true top coat. I added a clear rhinestone to my accent nails. I used Vivid Violet as I thought that applying Fantasy Fire to a colour very similar to it, it would come out like the bottle colour. This didn't really work, however the effect was still eye catching.

These pictures make the polish look quite blue, it was a much more pinky purple in real life.  This polish is beautiful under bright artificial lighting (like a museum/art shop kinda light) as well as natural light and firelight.

The shimmer comes through very pink/purple on top of the purple base, however blue, red, green and gold all came through in different lights I just wasn't able to get a picture of it.

This polish practically glowed on my nails, probably thanks to Vivid Violet which is a lovely bright purple on it's own, providing the perfect backdrop for Fantasy Fire.

The  next time I wear Fantasy Fire I will probably try it over a colour a little less similar to it so that I can see the colour shift more. The purple allowed it to blend in a bit and appear as if I was wearing a normal shimmer at times.


  1. Would you recommend Max Factor polish? I've always been curious about them but they always have just a few colors in our local counters.

    1. I only hve two max factor polishes, this one and a microglitter. I absolutely love both of them but they are pretty expensive :/ both the ones I have are pretty unique so I don't mind paying for that but I would probably buy from a cheaper grand if it was just a generic colour :)