Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Cafe Au Lait

This is a manicure I did a LOOOONG time ago. I just found the pictures floating around in my computer and thought it would be a shame to waste them, even though they are pretty pathetic!

This is a Rimmel base coat, one coat of Becca's Brown by Models Own. two coats of Avon's Cafe Au Lait and 2true top coat.

This is a lovely brown pearl shade which I really do adore. It is very similar to Avon's Freezing, which I used in this manicure last month. This shade is darker and more chocolatey though. I really can't decide which I love the most, they are both so pretty!

I can't remember much about application or durability but I do remember being please with it, despite the slight bubbling but that was no doubt due to my own impatience!

Thanks for reading!

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